Only a few of us had heard of gourmet cheese way back 30 years ago in India. But it was also an opportunity waiting to be tapped. And that's exactly what three friends decided to do. In the by-lanes of old Delhi, an idea had taken birth.

The journey involved much more than cheese making. They had to first learn the basics of cheese, the varieties and the processes. The art and the science. It was a path full of challenges and setbacks, as not much information was available locally.

Sheer determination & a modest beginning saw the setting up of Dairy Craft in 1993, a company that was destined to usher a new era of cheese to India. Over the next few years, through learning and a never-say-no spirit, the range of our products grew. So did the trust of Dairy Craft, not just in the country but also internationally. Today, we make over 35 varieties of cheese and continue to add more as we go along.