At Dairy Craft, we have had the experience of creating an organization wherein people buy into and embrace the idea of lifting each other. Our strategies employed internally as a team and the environment within the organization is a pretty accurate reflection of our external strategies / actions with our partners, customers, vendors and the community. We do not believe in having any chair to chair distinction within the team. The concept since 1993 has been to create a kind of a mutually supportive environment between different departments – to figure out ways of raising the overall morale amongst the members in the family at Dairy Craft. This culture at Dairy Craft – enables people within different departments to express their differences in opinion and suggestions very honestly in a direct and extremely effective way. Such constructive disagreements and communications invites benefits to everyone and thus helps the organization to reach better decisions and smarter solutions in an efficient manner. Within our team and at our workplace, we have always encouraged people from diverse cultures and backgrounds - bringing in different thoughts and creativity.